5 tips to help keep fit during the holidays

Dina Cooper, senior program director at the C.B. Pennington Jr. YMCA.
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You’ve made it through Thanksgiving with hopefully little to show for it. We don’t mean blessings (we’re sure those were counted), we mean upward ticks on the scale. Now the holidays are reaching full-blown party mode. Some experts predict we gain 10 pounds over the holidays, while others peg it closer to 5 or 6. Yikes!

Dina Cooper, senior program director at the C.B. Pennington Jr. YMCA, has this advice to get you through the treat-filled days ahead:

Leading up to the holidays don’t deprive yourself of desserts, which might cause you to overindulge when you’re faced with a table full of sugar plums (make that pecan pies). Eat little pieces of dark chocolate everyday, and when you’re presented with dozens of dessert choices you won’t eat everything in sight because you will have fulfilled that craving.

Before attending a holiday event, fill up on lean protein. At the party drink plenty of water to avoid snacking all night.

Stay active! Don’t stray from your normal routine. If you keep up your activity, you will have less to catch up on in January.

Get together with a friend and act as each other’s fitness buddy. It helps to be accountable for staying active.

If the party is at your home, give the leftovers to your guests. One day of overindulgence is better than multiple days of high-calorie and high-fat leftovers.

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