Sweet sabotage!

Box of chocolates
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As if to completely sabotage those New Year’s Resolutions, the month of February brings more opportunities to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Who can resist the Valentine chocolates that seem to be displayed front and center in every grocery and drug store you visit? They’re so hard to resist - buttercreams, nut clusters, truffles, chocolate-covered marshmallow and coconut …

And then there are the Mardi Gras king cakes that show up at work, at meetings, at parties. Just one slice shouldn’t be too bad, right?

Well, just remember -- all things in moderation.

Just two pieces of candy from that 1-lb. heart-shaped box is about 160 calories. The whole box? About 1400.

The basic king cake is about 100 calories a (thin) slice. The problem is most people go for the 3-inch slice and that’s more like 300 calories. Those with cream cheese or other fillings are even higher.

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