Ed Pratt: 2 months down

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Editor’s note: Ed Pratt, a columnist for The Advocate and assistant to the chancellor for media relations at Southern University, is on a journey to lose 40 pounds this year. Let’s check in with two months under his belt — quite literally.


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Well February was not a great month or not the one I thought it would be. Settling on the right foods to eat was not a major issue. However, finding time to exercise was a hit or miss proposition.

My weight had dropped to 239 down from 253 at the start of the year. However, it has climbed back to 241. A couple of bad fried food days slowed me down.

There were some positives, though.

I am beginning to cook more and more of my own dishes. Those meals mostly involve chunks of chicken or beef sitting in a bed of sauteed bell peppers, mushrooms and onions, along with garlic, olive oil, jalapeno peppers and broccoli.

I did make a major discovery. I found a miniature wok – the last one left on the shelf – at a local store and bought it. This thing is going to pay big dividends.

I also signed up for a study with Pennington Biomedical Research Center. More about that later, when I fully understand what I’m doing.

Overall, the battle to caloric sobriety continues.

I have to remember this is not so much a diet as it is a change in the way I eat and exercise.

It continues to be a struggle.

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