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Your nose runs. Your eyes water. You’re sneezing like you’re trapped in a pepper factory.

And, while some day doctors may be able to prevent allergic reactions, for now, you will have to work with the remedies that currently exist. For many people, antihistamines are a good option, but they can cause drowsiness or dangerous interactions with other medications. Here’s a few natural ways to help fight allergies:

  • Drink plenty of fluids. Although liquids can’t wash the allergens out of your system, water, juice and clear broths can help loosen congestion. Hot liquids can soothe inflamed membranes in the nose and throat.
  • Avoid allergens as much as possible. Check weather reports for the levels of particulates in the air and stay indoors if they are high. Keep away from tall grasses and places with a lot of foliage.
  • Use the air conditioning. Rather than keeping the windows wide open, use an air conditioner and dehumidifier to filter the air coming inside of the house and ensuring it is cool and dry.
  • Head to the beach. If you want to spend time outdoors, areas by the ocean will have pollen counts that are much lower than in mountainous areas.
  • Shower frequently. After being outdoors, shower off any allergens clinging to hair and skin.
  • Check with a doctor. Before mixing allergy medications with any prescriptions, ensure that they are safe to mix. If your doctor is unavailable, consult with a pharmacist about drug interactions.
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