Be water wise

Swimming and skiing are fun and great ways to exercise. But being in the water carries its own perils.

Follow these tips to help keep you safe this summer:

  • Watch your children. A child can drown in as

little as 20 seconds. Be a water watcher and

designate someone to always watch children

or any person with special needs while on or

around the water.

  • Alcohol and water don’t mix. More than half

of all drowning deaths are related to alcohol


  • Know your limits. Do not jump off objects or

swim farther than you should. Recognize your

limitations and stay within them.

  • Wear a life jacket. If you can’t swim or you are

on a boat, wear a life vest, regardless of age

and boat length.

  • Safe boating. Take a boating safety course at or

Know the law and rules of the water before

you boat. The U.S. Coast Guard reports that

the majority of boating-related fatalities

involve operators who have not received any

boating safety instruction.

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